Björn Borg is a Swedish sport fashion brand founded 1984. We make sportswear designed to make you look and feel active and attractive. We take pride in providing the best comfort and fit for the colourful and the brave. The story of the relationship between Unlimited Footwear Group and Björn Borg began in 2011 when we became the official licence partner for their footwear category through UFG’s licensing company Brands-360 B.V.

The connection between Björn Borg and Brands-360 is easy to understand: our visions align in terms of sport fashion. Over the years we have built up the footwear category to be what it is today – a mature and important part of the overall brand. We embrace the brand’s core values in everything we do without losing sight of what is needed from a footwear perspective. It is great to see how the collections have evolved and we’ve only just started!