Corporate Social Responsibility

We are glad to inform you that social responsibility is a big focus for us. We have set up a solid pro-active CSR policy that meets the requirements of several of our customers and we only work with factories that comply with these standards. Accepting the policy will help us to improve the CSR level of our Supply Chain, in a sustainable way.

Working Conditions

Since 2009 we have been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative. All factories we work with have a valid BSCI audit, including those in low risk countries.
We closely track the progress of the  implementation of the Corrective Action Plan and collaborate closely with our suppliers to keep an eye on day to day working conditions.

Animal Welfare

We use materials that come from farms with good animal
husbandry which are derived from bi-products of the meat industry. Unethical and painful slaughter or any other cruelty towards animals will not be tolerated. Materials for production are never obtained from exotic endangered animals.



The BSCI audit includes an environmental assessment to verify the impact of the production process.

Sustainable Material Sourcing

We encourage factories to use recyclable and biodegradable materials and to phase out PVC and VOC’s (chemicals with high vapor pressure).

Packaging Declaration

Our production units comply with European commission directive on packaging and packaging waste (94/62/EC).

Carbon Emission Reduction

We use green energy at our office and transport our goods from the harbor to our warehouse in an environmentally friendly way.


Individually we can accomplish great things,
with collaboration we can accomplish incredible things.

Hazardous Chemicals

In our chemical commitment all factories sign to comply with European regulations that are applicable to the footwear industry. Compliance is monitored by chemical tests. In case results are exceeding limits, a follow up procedure will be started with the factory or material supplier to obtain better results in the future. We expect them to find the cause and a solution to ensure better results for future orders. All test results are registered in our database to create transparency in the performance of our factories,
material suppliers and materials. In this way we are able to monitor compliance and intervene on those that need to improve. This makes it possible for us to work on continuous improvement and to select the best business partners.

Partnership Manual

Supply Chain stability is the most important condition to improve the impact of sustainability. Our long term partnerships are very important to us. We are working together with a lot of our factories for over 15 years. Together we work on continuous improvement in field of CSR. We’ve secured our policy in a partnership manual and before we start working with a new factory, we make sure they can comply to all precautions.


All links of the Supply Chain are working hard on continuous improvement of the sustainability level. We recognize that transparency is a boundary condition, however we notice that the
number of customized factory set ups increase enormously.
We strive to improve the sustainability level in our Supply Chain in an efficient way and therefore ask you to accept the available audit reports and Corrective Action Plans instead of customized set
up forms.

Supply Chain Transparency

We ask our customer to sign our ‘non-solicitation declaration’ (NSD) to handle sensitive Supply Chain information with care. In this declaration, we agree that UFG production units will only be contacted after approval of UFG.