NZA New Zealand Auckland stands for handcrafted footwear, created by skilled craftsmen in Portugal. Our footwear designs are strongly influenced by our clothing line: classy and casual at the same time. Inspired by our rich cultural heritage and we take pride in that. Our footwear collection consists of locally-sourced high quality material. All our leather and resources are specifically chosen for their softness, wich gives a characteristic rich look and feel. We value a shoe with not only a beautiful appearance, but also with maximum wearing comfort.

A collection that manages to be modern and never out of style. The NZA footwear collection is handmade in Portugal for the fashion conscious man with an active lifestyle. Men who value affordable luxury and good quality for a modern price.

Through our licensing partner Star Collections B.V., Unlimited Footwear Group is responsible for the distribution of NZA New Zealand Auckland footwear.