Unlimited Footwear Group has decades of history in the footwear business and has built a large portfolio of partners throughout the years. Hundreds of retail companies are official resellers of the UFG products.

Our shoes are marketed worldwide in over 50 countries through both brick & mortar stores as well as e-commerce. UFG’s retail partners vary from independently owned boutique stores to large-sizes multi-brand department stores.

The benefit of this large network of resellers is that is gives Unlimited Footwear Group access to real-time sales data and market developments. This data is carefully being handled by our account managers and IT department and makes UFG a knowledgeable partner for strengthening businesses. Optimization is being made possible and gives us the ability to react within season based on facts and figures, which reduces business risks. As we like to say it, we sell what we know instead of what we think. This will help our design team to create products with a solid hit-ratio and  enables us to efficiently and effectively push it through the supply-chain to the end-consumer.

In 2016, the Unlimited Footwear Group has acquired two retail formulas and added two well-established names to their portfolio. Next to their existing worldwide trade through own brands, licenses and white label, UFG is now also directly active in the retail field. We took over the Dutch retail concerns Invito (4 brick & mortar & online store) and Le Ballon (13 brick & mortar stores and online store), which brings us even closer to the user of our products. UFG plans to open multiple new Invito stores in the near future to strengthen its position and brand name in the Netherlands.